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In trial mode you can use voice, text, and emailing on a limited basis inside of your organization to help your group understand all of the features. When your organization is ready to pay we accept all types of payment including P.O, check, and credit cards.
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Non-Profits with 10,000 or fewer members and fundraiser participants is only $49 a month! RunCampaigns can support accounts with millions of members. Please check our pricing schedule for large non-profits and NGO's. We have special plans for school departments and groups.
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Choose to signup for a year and receive a complete collaboration system for your non-profit including shared calendar, forums, file sharing, and project management. Our OfficeRoam collaboration system has been used for nine years by over 50,000 organizations and is very similiar to other collaboration platforms like weboffice and basecamp. It's free as long as you stay subscribed to
Best Price on Texting & Voice Minutes
Run Campaigns provides the web interface and uses for sms/text and voice services. Our service provides the interface for the text/voice communications. Twilio has special non-profit pricing and a $500 communications credit here